Benchmark | Insulated Jacket Material Infographic

This is a hang tag infographic for Benchmark FR's insulated jacket line of clothing. This was used for sales visuals showing the layers of fabric and insulation inside that jacket. I used scanned fabrics and other scanned materials used in the actual jacket for the infographic. I used those as bump maps and normal mapping for texture. This workflow could be used for any kind of infographic for something shown on a micro-scale. Depth of field helps convey the size of something as small as this.

Below is an example on the kind of sketches I receive as a sort of guidance for building an illustration. I often ask for a sketch and as much data that will be relevant to the end illustration, and almost any level of sketch and scribbling can serve as a guide.

This is a wireframe view of the actual model before rendering or texturing. I tried to match the model as closely as possible to the clients concept sketch.